What is the Difference Between Red Clover Blossom Tea and Red Clover Leaf Tea

January 4, 2013

Many people believe that only the blossom is used in the preparation of the herbal tea, and the truth is that the blossom is where all of the isoflavones are located. These nutrients are the ones that help to combat the cancer, and you will find that most of the other health benefits found in the red clover tea all come from the blossom. It will be a much tastier tea that is made with the blossom, as that is where all of the flavor lies. The red clover flower is the most effective part of the clover, but it isn’t the only part that is effective.

An interesting use of the red clover leaf is as a detox tea, and you will find that you can help to flush out your gallbladder and liver thanks to the tea. While most of the red clover products on the market are made only with the blossom, including the leaves in the tea can actually have a very good effect of cleansing out your organs. The leaves and flower together form a tonic that can help to flush all the harmful toxins and chemicals from the liver and bladder, and you may find that combining the two will make them even more powerful.

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What Are Red Clover Blossoms?

When you think of Red Clover, Red Clover blossoms likely come to mind. If you’re not familiar with them then watch the video below.

Red Clover Blossom Benefits

The flower of a red clover is often picked fresh and used to make tea. When you use the red clover blossom you want to make sure that it is fresh and not grey or black.

There are many benefits you an receive from drinking red clover tea. Here is a great video
to give you an over view of red clover blossom benefits.

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What Does the Red Clover Leaf Look Like?

The red clover leaf looks a little different the white clover. It longer, narrower, and has a pointier end. This video that shows you how to identify red clover in the wild.

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