What is Red Clover?

Red CloverRed clover, known scientifically as Trifolium pretense, originates from Europe, northern Africa and western Asia. It is an herbaceous plant with stems that grow up to 2 ½ feet in height. The stems have the three leaflets that are characteristic of clover and the flowers are dark pink in color. Red clover contains compounds that are similar to estrogen, making red clover tea popular for its potential fertility benefits.

Red clover was one of the first cultivated crops. One of many species of clover, the red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a native of northwestern Africa, Europe and Western Asia. It grows in many other areas, planted and naturalized as a green manure crop for both its value as fodder and its ability in nitrogen fixation. Its popularity in the Americas and the Australasia is due in part to its use as a means of reducing the need for cultivation.

Before the establishment of science, red clover was already playing a part in people’s lives. To early Christians, it was a sign of the Trinity while during the Middle Ages, it was regarded as a charm against evil. A mutation resulting in the well-known four-leaf clover is considered good luck when found, even to this day.

Red Clover, a weed, fodder or a valued herb depending upon the perspective of the individual, is one of the most popular ingredients in herbal teas. Its blossoms are one of the most commonly visited by bees and the delicious tea made from them works to prevent as well as treat illness.

Practically everyone has seen red clover, whether they could identify it or not. It is abundant in meadows, along roadsides and sometimes in yards when homeowners get behind on their mowing. Its round pinkish-purple flower, about the size of a cherry, appears mid to late spring on plants up to 18 inches tall.

Walk through a field of blooming red clover and you will encounter an unmistakably sweet smell. Stop to taste one of the many florets that makeup the blossoms and you will see why honeybees find them so enticing. They have a slightly sweet taste that when steeped and made into a tea, imparts a sweet yet spicy flavor. Tea can be made from either the leaf or the flower of the red clover plant, but it is only the flower that is considered to have medicinal properties.

Red clover can be used to make extracts, tinctures, teas, topical ointments and powders.  The extract can be made by drying the flowers of the plant, then turning them into a liquid extract that offers a more concentrated dose. The extract helps to isolate the important isoflavones, which are responsible for many of the herbs health benefits. Other nutrients are isolated in the extract, including phosphorus, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, niacin and chromium.

Where To Buy Red Clover Tea

The tea shop is a very popular concept in England and Europe, but in the U.S. most of the tea stores around are located on the internet. There are dozens of online tea shops that you can check out, and you may end up getting lucky. You can input “buy red clover tea” or “buy fresh red clover” into the Google search engine, and you will get dozens of sites that you can check out for the herb. Many of them will actually be quite good quality, and you would do well to check out these online tea stores.

Health food stores will often carry herbal remedies like red clover, and you will find that these are a great place to check out if you want to find the tea. GNC may be a bit too commercial for you to find the tea, but there are always going to be little health food stores run by families – these places may carry the tea, either in bag form or the herbs themselves. You can also find tea at popular places like Amazon, Walmart, and Walgreens.

Popular Brands of Red Clover Tea Bags

If you’re asking yourself where can I buy red clover tea, there are many available options. One of the easiest ways is to simply pick up red clover tea bags at your local supermarket.

You can buy popular brands of tea such as Alvita and Yogi from a variety of online and physical shops. The same brands that are sold online are often sold in the store, so you may be able to find it there. Here are a few popular tea bag brands…

  • BotanicChoice.com
  • Alvita
  • Botanic Choice
  • Seelect
  • Yogi
  • Celebration Herbals
  • Swanson Health Products

If you’re looking for fresh herbs or seed you may need to find an herbal or tea shop. You can get a variety of red clover tea products at these shops, such as red clover tea bags, fresh red clover, and even seeds that you can use to plant red clover to grow in your own garden.